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Pregnancy Tips

  • Lanowool pure merino wool breast pads are breathable, kinder to the environment and totally non-stick which is perfect for sore nipples. Check out the TIPS review to see why it awarded them ‘Best washable’ in a trial of Breast pads and treatments: click here


  • If you need some relief from heartburn during pregnancy just add half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to a glass of water and it should do the trick.


  • A natural remedy for colic is available called colcynth 30c granules. Just place few granules on the baby’s tongue before each feed and it should help within 24-48 hours see here.


  • Using silk nappy liners with washable nappies let your baby’s bottom breathe and they are the natural way to treat a sore bottom.


  • Did you know that breastfeeding IS possible following breast reduction surgery. There is a great website with lots of information and reassuring true stories at (breast feeding after reduction).
  • There is no need to use shampoo on your baby for at least the first year of their life – this can help prevent cradle cap (incidentally this condition is probably caused by over use of baby products!).


  • For the relief of any itch, spot, sting, cut or nappy rash use Aloe Vera Gel. It works like magic, soothes instantly and it’s totally natural.


  • Wear breast shells while feeding to catch drips, this way you need not waste a drop! To find out more: click here


  • Here is a tip if your baby has sticky eyes and this procedure is used all the time in the developing world for minor eye conditions. Breast milk is the perfect treatment for sticky eyes. Just a couple of drops in the affected eye and within 24 hrs the eye should be clear. I know because I have tried this out on my own babies!


  • Babies, immunisations and the heel prick test. Breastfeeding your baby during their heel prick test or routine immunisations will act as a natural painkiller and also makes you feel less helpless. Breast milk is full of endorphins, hormones that naturally suppress pain and help comfort your baby.
  • When feeding, if your baby is flailing their arms and legs while trying to take the breast, try putting something firm under his/her feet to push against.


  • Shine a torch at the bottom of your tummy and feel the baby move up towards the light.


  • Play some gentle music on your phone or a small player at the bottom of your tummy and feel the baby move gently. Also, you can play the same music after baby has been born and he/she will calm to this as it reminds them of being in the uterus.


  • Place a wheat pad at the bottom of your tummy and feel baby move up to the heat.

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