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We’re so proud that cord blood stored here at Biovault is making a huge difference to a young Italian girl with Cerebral Palsy.  Find out how she is making a brave recovery with more than a little help from the cord blood cells banked by her parents with our partner SmartBank.

Adriana’s parents, just like many all over the world, went through IVF to conceive.  In 2009 the pregnancy appeared to be fine until late on when her mother started to feel contractions and rushed to the clinic. Whilst at the clinic Adriana’s conditioned deteriorated before birth which necessitated a C-section delivery.  Unfortunately, Adriana was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy due to being starved of oxygen in the delivery.

Thankfully her parents elected to collect cord blood at the birth with SmartBank, our Italian partner, before being sent to the UK to be processed and stored with us.

Although her symptoms weren’t immediately obvious, her parents became concerned and sought advice from neurologists who confirmed the condition but dismissed the potential of the cord blood stored to offer any help.

Three years later, Adriana’s parents contacted Dr Martini, scientific director at SmartBank, who suggested immediately that the parents should get in touch with Duke Medical Center in the US, where a clinical trial was enrolling children with Cerebral Palsy from all over the world for therapy using their own cord blood stem cells.

We arranged for Adriana’s cord blood to be sent to Duke Medical Center for further testing to ensure the sample was suitable for use in the clinical trial. Encouragingly, Adriana had enough stem cells for at least two therapies.

Adriana’s story is similar to that of Grace, a young American girl with Cerebral Palsy who also took part in the Duke Medical Centre trials. Take a look at the video of Grace’s recovery story.