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A hero dad from Urmston has been reunited with the young boy whose life he saved four years ago.

Joe Partridge volunteered to have his stem cells harvested and transplanted into Dylan Bennett in 2012 after the toddler was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Dylan, who was two at the time, lived in the other end of the country Kent and the pair never met.

But the two have finally met each other and brave youngster Dylan told Joe: Thanks for saving my life.

Dylan’s grateful mum Kathryn Wilson, 31, from Tunbridge Wells, said her family had prayed for a donor to help her son overcome the ultra-rare immune deficiency illness, known as Xiap-deficient HLH.

Although the whole family were tested to see if they were a match for him it wasn’t until they turned to the Anthony Nolan donor register that they had a break through.

Kathryn said: “It turned out that Dylan actually had several potential matches. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that his blood brother wasn’t a match but a complete stranger was.”

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