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The transplant of stem cells from her four-year-old brother Cian, carried out in Newcastle Hospital, in the UK, has transformed the life of the courageous six year old who was suffering from a crippling form of juvenile arthritis.

Following the transplant, the arthritis has gone and Ciara, who will be seven in two weeks, is looking forward to returning to school later in the year when she has fully recovered.

“Ciara is good, she is well, very happy and full of beans,” her mother Deborah said.

“And Cian’s our little hero, he kept saying “the doctor’s going to take out my solar system and give it to Ciara”,” she said.

Ciara had endured four years of the agonisingly painful condition which affected every joint in her body.

While the transplant was successful, she will still have to travel to Crumlin Hospital every three weeks until next Spring for an infusion of immunoglobulin to prevent infection and will have to go back to Newcastle Hospital in three months’ time for a check-up.

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