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Regenerative Network International is now offering stem cell therapy to help avoid hip or knee replacement. The procedures are showing extreme effectiveness along with being nonsteroidal, low risk and outpatient.
Hip and Knee replacement procedures should always be performed as an absolute last resort, since there are potential significant risks involved. With the excellent outcomes now being seen with stem cell treatments for hip and knee arthritis, the joint replacement procedures can often be delayed or even avoided.

Regenerative Network International (RNI) works with the top pain management providers throughout the Tampa metro area who are Board Certified and highly skilled in regenerative therapies. The treatments involve amniotic derived therapy and contain no embryonic stem cells. The material is processed at an FDA regulated lab after being harvested from consenting donors with no fetal involvement.

Over 85% of patients receiving the regenerative treatments to date have achieved incredible relief and improved functionality. This may include enhanced ability to participate in recreational and elite athletics, along with simply being able to walk farther.

The treatments have changed the paradigm of nonoperative arthritis treatment. While steroid injections often provide relief, they do not change the course of the condition. Stem cell treatment has been exceptional at helping with new growth of tissue along with providing relief.

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