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Jake Golic has yet to catch a pass for the University of Cincinnati football team this season, but Golic could not be more thrilled. The former Notre Dame player resurrected his career this year, after a stem cell procedure on his ailing back. Golic signed with Notre Dame out of high school but battled arm and back injuries, played sparingly and did not have a single pass reception.

Golic transferred to UC in 2013, with plans to play as a fifth-year senior. Instead, chronic back pain forced Golic to withdraw from summer practice. Yet, Golic still was not ready to quit. His father had undergone stem cell surgery on his knee and back after his NFL injuries, and the family weighed that option for Jake. This past January, spinal stem cell pioneer Dr. Kenneth Pettine performed a procedure on Jake’s back and arm in Loveland, Colorado. In medical terms, the therapies utilize adult mesenchymal, multipotent stem cells, taken from a patient’s own bone marrow concentrate, and then injected back into the same patient, directly into the injured, damaged, or painful area. In Jake Golic’s case, his back and arm.

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