Cord Blood Banking Matters To Me

Zoe and Harris

As a retired midwife, Zoe’s mum was aware of umbilical stem cell banking and encouraged the couple to find out more about the process. We spoke to them a week before Zoe was due to give birth about their hopes for the future as a family.

Zoe and Harris

Choosing Ethical Cord Blood Banking

  • Discovered Cord Blood Banking via her Mum
  •  Choose Biovault because of our commitment to ethics
  • Zoe & Harris were motivated by 'idea of contributing to something bigger'

There’s also this idea of contributing to something bigger.

Choosing Ethical Cord Blood Banking

How did you become interested in cord blood banking?

Zoe explains “My mum was based in a hospital and then a community birth centre. She’d heard of cord blood banking and thought it was brilliant. It’s an opportunity to protect the people who matter to you and knowing that different conditions can affect different communities, having cells from your own child is really reassuring."

Choosing Biovault

“I like Biovault’s ethics. This is our first child and we want to do everything in the best possible way, risk-free and not compromising the birth experience. I’m excited, and a bit nervous about the birth but I’m ready now to meet this little one and share our adventures with him. As a lifeguard, I’m very conscious of safety and value respect for people and the environment. The people at Biovault seem to share those values.”

Investing in Developing Medicine

Harris explains “There’s also this idea of contributing to something bigger. It’s exciting to see how this science will develop. We have nieces and nephews and you know that if they got ill there’s nothing you wouldn’t do. Here’s a medically proven resource right in front of you with possible cures for more diseases in the future – why would you not do this? it could save your life – in a very direct way – if you need treatment within your family and desperately need a match you don’t need to search – you have a source."

“You have no control over what is coming – if you don’t need the cells, brilliant. But when you need them, crikey you wish you had them. It’s the best insurance you’ll ever have, it extends a wider umbrella to protect our children, maybe their children… What better gift?”*


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