Cord Blood Banking Matters To Me

Ricky & Gemma Martin

Ricky Martin, winner of the 2012 The Apprentice, is a business leader, biochemist, and a busy dad, and soon he and his wife Gemma will be welcoming a sister for their two-year-old son Alexander.

We caught up with Ricky who chose to store Alexander’s umbilical cord blood and tissue with Biovault Family and will also be storing their new baby girl’s stem cells with us.

Ricky & Gemma Martin

Cord Blood Banking with Second Pregnancy

  • Selected Biovault's Family Plus Service for cord blood and tissue banking
  • Returned to Biovault Family for Second Pregnancy
  • Ricky and Gemma were motivated by the exceptional standards that Biovault keeps
Ricky and Gemma stem cell collection

Returning To Biovault

In this interview, Apprentice winner Ricky Martin, explains why he and his wife Gemma returned to Biovault Family for cord blood banking with their second pregnancy.

We’re so pleased you’ve chosen to bank your new baby’s umbilical cord blood with Biovault Family. Why did you choose us again?

The simple answer we have here would be why would we not! That is not supposed to sound like a sell to anybody reading this but, the first time around you made the entire process simple, easy and not labour intensive at all (excuse the reference to labour). I run a service company and the one thing I value more than anything is exceptional service. Biovault made us part of the family and provided just that.

Why do you think banking your baby’s cord blood is important?

I feel banking cord blood is so important and now I have had one child, I feel more strongly about this than ever. I now have a son who I would do anything to protect, support and provide for. If one day he needed some medical intervention to support his well being I would do everything in my power to ensure he got this.

Banking cord blood gives me one way I could do that. When we had AJ the logic in me said this made sense, as it would help if the worse case happened (which of course we hope we would not need it for). However, now the parent in me says this is an absolute no brainer.

Newborn cell banking remains unfamiliar and misunderstood in this country. Why do you think this is?

I think this is because most things in the scientific or medical field tend to turn people off as without a triple PhD most people do feel less certain about what it all means. Compound this with a newborn baby and I can see why people are unfamiliar or don’t want to understand more because their focus is on their baby.

The reality is I don’t think it needs to be complicated or misunderstood. I can’t say many people know the inner workings of insurance and how things are priced or assessed. Most people do not want to have to use it either as it means you have had a claim and things are serious. That said we all take insurance for that new car we buy. So why not do it for our newborn, which we cannot simply replace, repair or give back. Why not give our child the chance of critical media care if we one day need it? And the best thing is the price you pay for the service does not last a year – it is for decades!

As a scientist yourself, how important is it to help spread awareness of umbilical cord blood banking?

As a scientist, I have always been fascinated with how things work and how things can be done better. Umbilical core blood banking is a simple way we can provide our child, children or even provide some support to the parent (as such banking is 50% compatible with each parent) future medical protection. Why would somebody not want to give their family the best form of future care and this is a simple way of doing so. To spread awareness provides support for more people to follow suit, and hopefully live a better live, if the unexpected happens one day.

Do you think this service should be more widely accessible?

I would love to see the service more widely available. As I have already referred to car insurance and protecting your shiny new vehicle, why shouldn’t we all protect and have some the most important part of our worlds. There is nothing more special than a child, and making it more available will only support every child’s future.

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