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  1. Postpartum workout you do with your baby

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    Looking for postpartum workout ideas? A new scientific study, the first of its kind, reveals how getting back into shape after having a baby is hard, even for women who were unusually fit and strong before their pregnancy. It’s actually good news, since it shows everyone finds it a challenge. It isn’t your fault if you find it harder than you thought it would be. Luckily there are some effective post-baby exercise you can do to get started, simple ways to achieve better fitness for new mums. So don’t give yourself a hard time – do this and you’ll make a great start. 

    You can get fit when you have a new baby postpartum

    It’s good to know you can get fit after giving birth. It’s also good to know you don’t need to join a gym, force yourself to go running or hire a personal trainer, unless you really want to! Regular activity is enough to make you relax, get fitter, and feel more energetic. 

    Can I get fit with a simple pushchair workout?

    Can you improve your fitness with a simple pushchair workout? Yes, you can. Pushchair exercises, also called pram walking, can be a surprisingly effective route to better post-baby fitness. Make sure the pushchair handles are at the right height for you, comfortable to use. Then push the chair quickly, keeping your arms comfortably bent at right angles and your back straight. The pushing will help strengthen your muscles and walking briskly is one of the best exercises you can get, so it’s a powerful combination. If you can get out of breath, that’s fantastic. You’re getting a great work-out! 

    Some pushchair exercise tips for you:

    • Warm up by starting off slowly then picking up speed gradually
    • Take a friend along – science proves you’ll work out better when someone else is exercising  with you  
    • Start off walking a short distance, then  increase it as you get fitter
    • Walk up and down hills as well as on the flat 
    • Try to include green spaces in your walks, maybe a park or public garden 
    • Figure out some interesting circular routes so you end up back at home
    • Extend your moves to tackle other areas of your body – you can raise and lower yourself on your toes and roll your ankles around. You hold the pushchair handle and raise your leg from the hip to the side, bringing it level to your waist with your knee straight. You can use the handle to balance while you squat and lunge 
    • Get out there whatever the weather!  

    What muscles do I exercise when pushing a pushchair?

    Using pushchair exercises to get fit after a baby means you use the muscles in your chest, shoulders and arms, as well as your legs and backside. It strengthens your back and thigh muscles and works on loose abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. 

    Safe exercises for parents with a newborn 

    There are plenty more ways to get back in shape after a baby without formal exercise. Here are just some of them: 

    • Do gentle daily postnatal exercises at home
    • Always use the stairs instead of the lift
    • Walk instead of using a car
    • Learn how to pick things up safely – every time you pick something up you exercise your muscles   
    • Find a good postnatal exercise video and give it a go every day 

    How do you set a routine to get fit when you have a new baby?

    It’s important to stick with it if you want to truly get fit after giving birth. A routine is the best way to get in the swing of things and stay keen, and that means doing your walk at the same time each day, making it a permanent natural part of your daily ‘things to do’ list. 

    Why is fresh air vital to post-baby exercise?

    Just like adults, babies find it easier to get a great night’s sleep after some fresh air. Simply being out and about in green spaces with trees and grass makes people feel better, giving us a significant emotional boost thanks to the amazing invisible ‘happy’ chemicals given off by trees and plants. 

    Are you ready to get fit after giving birth? Good luck! 


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