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  1. Plymouth-based Biovault Family appoints new marketing executive

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    Plymouth-based Biovault Family, the UK’s largest private human tissue bank which is licensed to handle all human tissue types including cord blood and tissue,  is delighted to announce the appointment of Hannah McGrath to the team as marketing executive.

    Biovault Family offers personalised cord blood and tissue processing and storage services to parents who wish to bank their babies’ umbilical cord blood because it is rich in stem cells. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect these precious cells which have the ability to change into many different cell types such as blood, bone, tissue and organ cells.

    Hannah, who joins Biovault Family with a background in marketing and management, will be responsible for developing and growing the brand. In particular she will oversee positioning the brand for its next stage of growth as it looks to expand nationally, and lead how the business grows.

    Before joining the business, Hannah had worked in various key positions. Notably, she was with Actuate Marketing for seven years where she gained extensive experience designing and implementing marketing strategies.

    “I’m so excited to be working with Biovault Family and putting plans in place to continue the growth of the business, helping ensure its incredible success story maintains momentum and driving the business forward.”

    Hannah McGrath

    Hannah has a keen interest in the countryside and is passionate about health, fitness, food and its provenance and the environment. She also has an overriding interest in science.

    Hannah said: “I think my background in marketing brings something very positive to the brand and I want to help make expectant parents aware of the amazing things cord blood can do to protect their little ones for years to come. Umbilical cord blood is an incredible thing, and to think that it can potentially protect against more than 80 diseases, including several blood cancers, is amazing. These stem cells can also potentially match and treat their siblings or parents if required.

    But so few people are made aware of this and often it is discarded at birth. If I can help drive awareness about umbilical cord blood that has to be a wonderful thing.”

    Based in Plymouth’s International Medical and Technology Park beside its partners at Derriford Teaching Hospital, Biovault has led the way in human tissue processing and storage since 2004. It provides provides both tissue and cellular processing and storage to the NHS and to strategic private partners around the world.  The tissue, primarily bone and tendons, is provided for the treatment of injuries in both NHS and private hospitals.  The cellular therapies, including blood and marrow products, are provided both to the NHS to treat blood cancers and privately stored for individual use in the future.

    The company’s CEO Kate Sneddon said: “We are delighted to welcome Hannah to our team. She has so much experience to bring to Biovault Family as we continue to expand across the UK.  The value of cord blood banking is well known in other parts of the world, but in the UK it is still relatively unknown. In her new role, Hannah will be very much driving awareness forward.”

    Find out more by visiting www.biovaultfamily.com.