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Everyone at Biovault was amazing. It was a bank holiday when my waters broke but they all pulled together. Nikki rang me and told me not to worry; they would get a kit out to me. As soon as that was sorted out I could relax.”

Georgina Russell, October 2017

Georgina was four months pregnant when she received the news that her older brother, Ashley, had a rare, slow-growing brain tumour. After much research, Georgina decided to store her baby’s cord blood stem cells with Biovault Family. 

It should become a part of our education. It’s so important. In schools and antenatal clinics, people need to know that their child or a member of the family might need these cells. This is Ashley’s life. A life that’s ending far too early.”


You can read more about Georgina, Ashley and Charley here.







“Dealing with Biovault was an extremely positive experience for us.  Deciding to store cord blood and cells was a last minute decision and Sam was immediately on hand to give us clear and helpful advice. He went the extra mile to ensure that our needs were met, and in many respects exceeded them, making sure that everything was delivered to the hospital on time.  I would definitely recommend.”

Max L (February 2018)

“Raz and I would like to thank you for everything you did for us. From the moment we have contacted you, you mentioned all the necessary information for us to know exactly what we had to do and how the process was going to take place. You have been very committed and dedicated to your work. You didn’t hesitate to take on your personal time; you have been amazingly supportive and reliable. It hasn’t been an easy task to deal with Guernsey’s infrastructure, but thanks to you it has been a stress free experience that we will be happy to renew for our next baby. You have managed to reassure us until the end, it has been really helpful to know that we could rely on you if we had any worries. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone who is expecting a baby.
Thank you so much Nikki for your professionalism, help, support and above all patience with us and Guernsey!”

“I became aware of it after a scan that indicated there could be potential problems.  Naturally I was concerned and researched things in detail – that is when I found out about the possibilities of cord blood banking.”  Naomi Keep (June 2015) – mother of twins explains why she chose to bank cord blood

“Biovault Family was selected by My Healthcare Clinic as the best provider.  That reassured me which is all a new parent ever needs.  I’ve met the team at Biovault Family and I can see why they were recommended.  From having my questions answered by qualified experts through to putting in place the necessary arrangements for collection, I’ve been impressed.” Natalie Pinkham (February 2015)  – read the full interview with the Sky Sports F1’s presenter here 

“The main reason I opted to bank cord blood is that my father has Parkinson’s Disease. Finding a cure for it is close to my heart really. Hopefully, with tremendous advances in stem cell research, they’ll find a cure it and related diseases. By banking cord blood, I am ensuring that we can potentially benefit in the future.”  Gina Mellotte (January 2015) – find out more on why Gina chose to bank cord blood and why she selected us

“When my husband and I decided to store our baby’s cord blood and tissue we dedicated a significant amount of time researching into UK stem cell banks. We were impressed by the excellent record Biovault Family had and the professional, yet personal service they provided.” Julie Mitchell (March 2015) –  find out why Julie chose us

“Overall, we received very good service: we are confident of the choice that we made for both of our daughters; Nikki provided very good assistance; and the necessary steps took place swiftly on the day.” Andreia, October 2018

“Excellent service. I contacted you at short notice and all staff were very helpful in arranging service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Biovault – everything was clearly explained – excellent customer service. Thank You.”

Sarah (February, 2017)

“Our doctor suggested that we look into storing Jake’s umbilical cord blood, to keep him safe while he is growing up. We were directed to look online at the Parent’s Guide Cord Blood website, and were confident that Biovault Family were the right choice for us.”

“They share my ethos, know where they are going, are experts in their field and are a pleasure to deal with. I trust them as an organisation and look forward to continuing our work together.” Dr Anastasia Alcock founder of the Prenatal Classroom (January 2015) – to get Anastasia’s views on the challenges facing expectant parents click here

“I would be happy to recommend Biovault, and will use the service again if my daughters and sons provide more babies!” James Calvert (December 2014)

“We’d heard of cord blood banking and its potential to resolve future health difficulties and decided – very last minute – to do it just before I gave birth to my daughter. We were worried we had left it too late to arrange and contacted Biovault – as it turned out – the day before our daughter arrived. Biovault were extremely helpful and accommodating, got the information to us the same afternoon, and delivered the kit to our door the next morning. All we had to do was contact the phlebotomist as I went into labour, and hand over the kit when she arrived immediately after our daughter was born. I can’t thank Biovault enough for ensuring that it all went smoothly and making it a hassle-free process, despite the short notice! You couldn’t have been more helpful. I hope we never have cause to use the stored cells because she will be completely healthy! – but I know that should she ever become ill, she will have a greater chance of beating illness because we made the choice and that’s priceless.” Felicity Reed (December 2014)

“When we found out that we were expecting a baby, the decision to store our child’s cord blood was not difficult. We chose to store with Biovault after researching the options available, and after the fantastic service we received from their Customer Care Team we are certain that we made the right choice.”

“Thank you for making the journey so seamless. I have given your details to friends and family who are expecting babies soon and if we ever find ourselves in need to do this again we would definitely come back to you!

After our initial phone call and filling out the forms, I have literally done nothing! The pickup procedure was easy and once again I can only describe the service you offer as seamless-exactly what you need when faced with an impending arrival!

Many thanks again. Vanisha, Ronak and Kayaan.” (March, 2017)

“You have been super-efficient and we appreciate it! Thanks once again!”

“My friend’s son was born 2 months before my daughter, and when I heard about how she had stored her son’s cord blood with Biovault Family, I contacted them to ask how it worked. I was concerned because I had planned a water birth, but the team reassured me that we could still collect the cord blood. I was delighted to receive a certificate showing how many cells we have stored, and found their service very efficient.”

“Thank you for making this entire process so straight forward”

“We decided to store Maria’s cord blood stem cells when she was born as a precious gift to her for the future. We hope that we will never need to use these cells, but the peace of mind from knowing that they are stored safely for us is so important. We did not like to think that once Maria was born, the cells remaining in the placenta would be thrown away, and are so glad that we had the opportunity to store the blood.”

“We choose to use Biovault’s cord blood banking services as we both have medical conditions within our extended family. The service that Biovault offers gives us the peace of mind that should either of our children need to utilise this resource in the future they can. The staff at Biovault are friendly and helpful, but more importantly when we needed to seek expert medical advice regarding medical complications we received the advice with ease. Lydia from Biovault helped guide us seamlessly through the process. Once again thank you for your help throughout both pregnancies”. Kerrie and Lee

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