The best games to play with your baby

It’s such fun. It’s all about giggles, gurgles, and laughter. So why is playing games with your baby so good for them and what are the best games to play with your baby? When you’re a newborn everything about the world is fresh and exciting. The smallest, simplest thing is absolutely fascinating, and it’s a joy to watch a baby discover the world with such enthusiasm and excitement. 

It’s also a learning thing. Humans learn by experience, which means playing games with a baby teaches them plenty of vital early lessons. Best of all, there’s no need to buy toys or games. You’re the centre of their world, you are the most interesting thing in their life, and all you need is time and imagination. Here are some simple, fun games to play with a newborn.  

What baby games can you play for a baby’s hearing?

‘Can you hear me now’ is one of the best games to play with your baby to help develop their hearing and visual tracking skills. The sound of your voice makes your baby feel safe and happy, and they find it endlessly interesting. This game teaches them to locate the source of a noise at a distance. 

Put your baby in their carrier or pick them up and walk around the room talking, singing, or making funny noises. Your baby will notice the difference in the sounds even if they can’t turn their head towards you. It’s also the foundation for other popular baby games, including hide-and-seek and peekaboo.  

Baby games to show things don’t disappear 

Peekaboo will keep your baby giggling for hours, one of the best fun games to play with a baby. It teaches your child about object permanence – the fact that things don’t go away just because they’re out of sight.   

Cover your face with your hands or a cloth and ask your baby ‘where’s mummy’ or ‘where’s daddy’,  then reveal your face with a big smile. Your child will find it hilarious, and the more you do it the funnier they’ll find it. You can also play peekaboo by hiding toys from sight, revealing them with a happy shout, ‘here’s mummy’ or ‘here’s daddy’, so your baby enjoys the drama. 

Games to bond with your baby 

Bonding with a baby is another reason why baby games for new parents are so important. The more time you spend interacting with them in a variety of fun ways, the more they’ll learn and the more pleasure they’ll get from life. Eyes, nose, mouth is a brilliant example. 

Hold your baby’s hands and guide them so they touch your eyes, nose and mouth, while saying the words ‘eyes’, ‘nose’, and ‘mouth’. Say the word ‘smooch’ at the end and give them a big kiss at the same time. This’ll leave them giggling like mad.   

Games to explore a baby’s sense of touch 

Touch-related baby games for new mums include tickle time, where you tickle their sensitive skin with a collection of things with different, exciting textures. A feather, some wool, a twig, a leaf, a plastic ball, a cotton ball, a flower… it’s all brand new and thrilling, and they love it. 

What other baby games are there? 

More games to play with a baby? You can play with your baby’s toes using the old nursery tale ‘this little piggy’, counting their toe as you go. Mirrors are fascinating to babies, using a baby-safe mirror to show them your reflection, theirs, and both of you together. Pulling funny faces always makes them laugh, a joy to see, and there’s a huge variety of faces to pull to entertain them. 

Simply covering your face them uncovering it and saying ‘boo’ provides hours of fun. Itsy Bitsy Spider is lovely because it involves tickly touch, using your hands as spiders while you recite the rhyme.  And playing ‘so big’ is another game newborns love, holding their hands and asking ‘how big are you?’. Then spreading their arms wide and saying ‘you’re THIS big!’. 


Best Games to Play with Your Baby

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