What Can Cord Blood Be Used For?

What can cord blood be used for? This is a great question and certainly not a new one. The healing power of cord blood has been recognised for centuries by cultures around the world. The potency of the idea that cord blood can regenerate and repair


comes from the symbolic value of cord blood as well as its physical

Before choosing the right form of cord blood banking it is also important to distinguish between two modes of treatment: Allogeneic – patient receives stem cells from a matching donor, either a sibling or an unrelated donor Autologous – patient receives their own stem cells


Instinctively, humans have always associated the umbilical cord and placenta with health, nutrition and powerful energies. Around the world, is a rich variety of cultural traditions founded on beliefs surrounding the afterbirth:

In some parts of India, the placenta is buried near the home; then nine days after birth, a ceremony is conducted at the placental burial site to announce the name of the baby. In Mexico, the placenta may also be buried, under the porch if the baby is a boy and near the stove if it is a girl.

Once the placenta is delivered it is buried in a specific place near the house or village. It is done this way as to protect the mother and her baby from witchcraft. The placenta also plays a major role in the preservation of the women’s fertility.


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