Why is Biovault’s cord blood cost cheaper than other cord blood banks?

Banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue with Biovault Family costs a lot less than other UK based companies offering similar services. The low cord blood banking cost offered by Biovault Family saves you at least £1,625 and as much as £5,000 on the cord blood banking price our competitors charge. So, how do we manage to provide such competitive cord blood banking services? 

Cheaper cord blood banking – Price comparison

First, let’s go compare! This is how our prices stack up against competing umbilical cord blood companies: 

Cord Blood Stem Cell BankInitial CostAnnual Fees25 Year Cost
Bank 1£1,495£65 x 25 years£3,120
Bank 2£1,600£50 x 24 years£2,800
Bank 3£1,995£65 x 24 years£3,555
Biovault Family£1,950None£1,950
2021 Cost Comparison with three UK Cord Blood Banks and Biovault Family

Cord Blood and Tissue Banking costs:

Cord Blood & Tisssue Stem Cell BankInitial CostAnnual FeesTotal 25 Year Cost
Bank 1£2,640£65 x 25 years£4,265
Bank 2£2,545£100 x 24 years£4,945
Bank 3£2,195£100 x 24 years£4,595
Biovault Family£2,450None£2,450
2021 Cost Comparison with three UK Cord Blood Banks and Biovault Family

An inclusive service with no added extras  

Because we’re the UK’s only cord blood bank offering cord blood collection, processing and storage inclusively, all within the same deal, ith storage options of either 25 or 50 years, we avoid the annual storage fees our competitors have to add to their  collection price. No wonder we’re the cheapest cord blood and tissue banking service in the country. 

A unique service that’s both ethical and fully-inclusive 

Ethical cord blood banking like ours means you pay less as well as securing access to precious umbilical cord blood for as long as half a century, making it available to help your child and other close family members for generations. As the UK’s most ethical cord blood bank we guarantee the security of your cells and fees, the only UK stem cell banking company to offer a fully inclusive service and the only one to harness the power of Escrow protection.

The power of Escrow

We protect your money in an Escrow protected account, which releases fees to us every year to pay for your stem cell cryopreservation. That means that, in the unlikely event something happens to our company, your baby’s stem cells remain safe along with your money. 

Say you move abroad. You don’t have to remember to pay your annual storage fee. You’ve already paid it, and if anything happens to you, your child’s stem cells remain safely in storage. They’re always there for you, available if you need them, wherever you happen to be based. Your child, when they grow up, won’t need to pay storage costs either, since it’s all taken into account from the start. 

We never put our fees up – Not even over 50 years! 

There’s more. Some banks promise not to put up their annual fees for existing customers, others will increase their costs along with inflation throughout the storage period. This means, as a parent, you could unintentionally leave your child with a future financial burden they can’t manage. With us, there’s no chance of that happening. 

Peace of mind plus a genuine ethical outlook 

We’re a business. But we put you first, and in our world that’s unusual. Banking umbilical cord blood with us at Biovault Family gives you the peace of mind you need over your family’s health, and also guarantees the security of both your cells and your fees. If that sounds good, and you’d like to take the next step, we’d love to hear from you. 

Jo Kingston

BSc (Hons) Chemistry

Sales Manager | Biovault Family

Jo joined Biovault Family in 2019 as the Sales Manager. With her Science degree & her passion for the healthcare industry and background in the Pharmaceutical & Biotech industry, Biovault Family was the perfect fit. Jo is enthusiastic about Umbilical Cord Banking and her goal is educating all expecting couples in the UK about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to store their baby’s cord blood & cord tissue.

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